A place of total relaxation, family fun and friends where you can eat to your heart’s content, hide all day and enjoy the sea? I am Palapa Beach!(formerly Tanit Beach) And I am one of the most important projects of the Jazba Tribe. I intend to transfer my philosophy and expand on the best coastal locations thanks to constant teamwork.

In addition, I am a place where you can taste an avant-garde cooking with Mediterranean flavours and where you will have a chance to try different drinks and cocktails in an atmosphere that will make you feel like home.

You and your kids will have fun! You can also enjoy a wide range of entertainment, theme parties, live music, children’s animations, environmental responsibility campaigns or events (if you get married or celebrate the birthday of a friend, for instance).

In short, I am Palapa Beach and I came to be a club of a social and cultural nature, in which my main objective is that you enjoy unforgettable experiences, any time of the year.

Schedule La Palapa Beach:

Monday and Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday to Sundays: 11.00 – 1.00h

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